Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy is a pioneer in cartomancy instruction on the web. The original Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy website was created to share a unique method of reading playing cards. Those original ideas have been updated, remixed and synthesized into a new, simpler method of reading cards for prediction, advice and self-discovery! This blog is a collection of my posts, lessons, readings, and insights on reading playing cards, tarot, and other divination tools. Visit my new website: Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy. Email me: 12heartscartomancy@gmail.com

~ Kristen


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  1. Hello from Israel,
    I’ve started working on my own oracle deck. You inspired me to continue! I love your interpretations of the cards. They are very creative and unique.
    I would like to inquire about the images. I found an American site site that gives you permission to download pics, for free, but I can׳t use it commercially. If it turns out to be successful and really work!(I’ve never used oracle cards before, but I did order a few) and would like to print and sell, I’m not allowed to.
    Do you by any chance know a site where I can download pics and use them commercially?
    Thank you so much for your inspiration,

    • Hi Sharon,

      There are a few sites that allow you to use pics commercially but it depends on what type of pic you’re looking for. Here are a few websites I’ve found you may wish to investigate.

      Oldbookart.com – old book art in the public domain
      Oldbookillustrations.com – old book illustrations most of which are in the public domain. You can check on archive.org to see status.
      openclipart.org – this is clipart/line drawings
      photorack.net – photography
      unsplash.com – modern photography

      Best of luck to you. I’d love to see your deck. I’m on Instagram @OTMoraclecards


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