Cards for the Year 2013


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To kick off the new year, I chose a card from 4 of my decks for four different areas of life: Love, Career, Role, and Spiritual Focus.

I used The Cinderella Deck for love and got the final card showing Cinderella and her Prince going to the castle together. Wow, sounds great…now where to find a Prince?!

For career, I chose a card from my Pathways to the Soul deck. It shows a path leading up a stone stairway. Moving up is positive but all the steps I have to climb seems pretty daunting.

I chose a card from Oracle Historique to reveal the chief role I will play this year. This guy looks like a teacher in a monastery. I am already scheduled to teach at least 6 classes at schools this year, none of which is a monastery so we’ll have to wait and see.

The final card was chosen from the Flower Children Cards. It’s Zinnia and she reflects my spiritual focus in 2013. Here’s some info on Zinnia flower essence:

Zinnia by itself is a giggle. It can lighten up the most dedicated workaholic and bring out all the best qualities of childhood — I daresay in Scrooge himself — seeing the world with wonder, awe, and its limitless possibility. It is an attitude adjuster of the most upbeat kind…. Zinnia replaces shyness with healthy curiosity and intimidation with speaking up.

JOURNAL: What thoughts & feelings am I most aware of as another year comes to a close?

I am using this journaling prompt found on twitter via @Write4LifeCoach. I chose Hollyhock from my Flower Children Cards deck.


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She reminds me of a Southern belle, and represents grace and femininity. The pink and green connect to the heart chakra, and the emphasis on the pink in her garment is for compassion. I also looked up the flower essence of hollyhock:

Tenderness; stimulates hope where one may feel held back, repressed. Opens and releases barriers of the heart chakra, breaks through blocks in growth process; with the change of heart one can begin to change all other aspects of one’s life. Offers inspiration to continue, especially when one considers the journey too difficult; useful with other remedies for encouragement on the Path.