JOURNAL: How can I soothe this anger?

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This card is the one chosen as a follow-up to my journal entry: Where is all this anger coming from? It’s surprising that it looks a lot like the first card with all the green and yellow. The notable difference is the blue which relates to the throat chakra. So I can soothe this anger and frustration by talking it out and expressing myself.

READ: Where is all this anger coming from?

JOURNAL: Where is all this anger coming from?

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Out of the blue today I just started feeling angry and frustrated, my thoughts targeting an ex-boyfriend and other misgivings. I chose this card from my Soul Songs deck. It shows mostly green relating to the heart chakra with some splotches of yellow for the solar plexus chakra. So this frustration is stemming from some relationship and power issues. Must meditate on this. Actually, I’m going to choose another Soul Songs card for what is needed.