DIY READING: What’s your soulmate score?

soulmateEach soulmate finds in the other a lover, friend, playmate, confidante, nurturer, teacher, student, champion and spiritual equal. — Tweeted by @AmyZerner, who has co-authored numerous tarot and oracle books and tools with husband Monte Farber.

This tweet looked like the beginnings of a DIY Reading to me, so get out your playing cards!

What’s Your Soulmate Score?
Use this reading to discover how you and your partner measure up as a soulmate. If you’re having trouble finding and keeping a soulmate, this is a great reading to identify your strengths and weaknesses in relationships.

Focus on the question, “What’s my soulmate score?” Shuffle the entire deck (minus Jokers) and select 9 cards, one for each of these qualities:

Spiritual Equal

Look only at the number or face of the card. Ace = lowest; King = highest. Your score will be found somewhere along this scale: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. Any quality below a 6 needs some improvement. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner can see how the two of you match up. You may find that you’re filling the role that your partner lacks and vice versa. For example, if you score high on Playmate, your partner may score low in this area. If you’re not in a relationship, your score will show your relationship patterns or history. Low scores may show roles that aren’t your strengths in relationships but also that you just haven’t attracted the person who will bring out these qualities in you.


What’s my soulmate score? I want to see how I have measured up as a soulmate in my previous relationships.

Lover = 8
Friend = Q
Playmate = 9
Confidante = J
Nurturer = 3
Teacher = 5
Student = 6
Champion = J
Spiritual Equal = 8

My strengths are being a Friend, Confidante and Champion in my relationships. I have been weak as a Nurturer and Teacher. This rings true. I tend to save my nurturing and teaching energy for my clients. But now that I’m aware I may not be using this energy in my relationships, I can do better.

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My Who Am I Reading

I decided to take my Soul Awakening Archetypes Cards out for another spin using DIY READING: Who Am I? Here’s what I got:


Three are considered royalty: PRINCE, KING and ARISTOCRAT (elite and privileged class).  The royalty angle has come up in past life readings so I wonder if this reading is bringing up something to explore about that.

This is the face I show to the world — PRINCE

This is the real me — ADVOCATE

This is the part of me I keep hidden — KING

This is who I’d like to become — ARISTOCRAT

I noticed after sitting with these cards for a few moments that they are showing me prosperity and career issues, which are always a source of inner conflict.

The PRINCE is someone whose needs are taken care of. He’s not yet old enough to rule so he is indulged and pampered. He doesn’t have to work at all. When I hear my life from other people’s lips, I realize I must give the impression that life is super easy and that people just give me things (I wish!). Perhaps it’s because I always appear calm. I also suspect they are picking up on some past-life residue.

The ADVOCATE must work for a living, to pay the bills. He prefers to work in a capacity where he is a public servant, helping others or advocating on their behalf. Despite the impression I give to others, I have to work for a living. My preference is to have a career that helps others in some way (one reason why I’m a reflexologist and instructor).

The KING inherits his position of power and wealth. This shows I’m not claiming my rightful power or wealth in this lifetime. This also relates to suppressing leadership abilities too. I often run away from leadership positions that seem like too much responsibility.

The ARISTOCRAT is independently wealthy and does not have to answer to the royal court. This is who I’d like to become — I’d like to work because I want to, not because I have to; I want to take care of myself and not have to rely on someone else. I’d also like more leisure time and (to be honest) perhaps a servant or two. At least an assistant!

My Pic Collage Reading

I’ve been having fun with the app, Pic Collage. It suddenly occurred to me while mixing some images together that I can turn this into a divinatory system. Here’s how:

(1) Come up with a question.
(2) Randomly choose a background image.
(3) Randomly choose an image featuring a person (or two for relationship-type questions).
(4) Arrange the people on the background where you think they should go (who remembers Colorforms?)
(5) Interpret your “reading.”

Here’s my example:


Background image courtesy of images courtesy of

All of my personal readings have been suggesting I’m supposed to meet a new guy. I even had a friend do a Cinderella reading for me and she came up with the same thing. She also advised that I need to open my eyes to notice him and to loosen up a bit. So I posed the question, What do I need to know about my potential suitor? and randomly selected a background and the two people images (I do this by closing my eyes, flipping through my photo stream and just pointing to a picture). Then I arranged the people on the background in a way that made sense to me.

Look at this image. What do you notice? There’s a guy who seems to be greeting this woman. Look at her body language. She’s got her arms folded and she appears to be glaring at him. Here’s my interpretation:

(1) I haven’t met or been properly introduced to this potential suitor yet (the guy is tipping his hat in greeting).
(2) He may come across as sensitive (wearing the heart chakra colors of green and pink).
(3) I will have my guard up (woman w/arms folded).
(4) I may look down on him at first or perhaps he is someone younger than I (woman is standing on higher ground than man).

This “reading” brings up the same issues as my friend’s reading and shows I need to be more open and less guarded so I can meet this guy!

What’s Your Sign?

zodiacTrying to figure out who that Queen of Swords is in your reading? Or that Knight of Cups? Get out your playing cards! You can assign a zodiac sign to each face card in a regular playing card deck since there are 12 face cards and 12 zodiac signs. Shuffle just the face cards and choose one at random to reveal the zodiac sign of the person in question. Of course, this works equally well for playing card divination too! Here are my correspondences:

Jack of Clubs/Sagittarius

Jack of Hearts/Pisces

Jack of Diamonds/Virgo

Jack of Spades/Gemini

Queen of Clubs/Aries

Queen of Hearts/Cancer

Queen of Diamonds/Capricorn

Queen of Spades/Libra

King of Clubs/Leo

King of Hearts/Scorpio

King of Diamonds/Taurus

King of Spades/Aquarius

Introducing Soul Awakening Archetype Cards

At last…my sample Soul Awakening Archetype Cards from I was so eager to do a first reading with these, and since I really enjoy the way Lisa Frideborg Lloyd of interviews her tarot decks, I thought I’d interview this one. I asked the deck just one question: What role will you play?


FLIRT really stumped me until I thought about just how enticing this deck is (to me at least!). I have been soooooo excited to get this in the mail and I think it’s one of my best decks yet, mostly because I stepped out of my box for this one. I actually dreamed of this deck before I conceived it. As I awoke from the dream I thought “I would never make a deck like that….” Two weeks later, I had the urge to make this deck, not realizing it was the one from the dream until I was midway through it. So, this deck enticed me to pull it out of my depths. Perhaps it will also entice others to respond to their inner urges and pull unconventional dreams from their depths as well. In this card, the FLIRT is flirting with 2 men, suggesting a multi-tasking ability; this deck may serve more than one function or have 2 different faces — lighthearted (FLIRT) and serious (SAGE).

I don’t really have any other cards related to talking or networking so GOSSIP will have to wear many hats in this deck. We’re all familiar with the shadow side of the GOSSIP, but this archetype simply shares or spreads information to many people. The GOSSIP is “the social glue that spreads an idea” (The Networker archetype via and the key to connecting you to the right people and resources. In light of the question, perhaps this deck will be instrumental at connecting questioners to the right people (archetypes) and (inner) resources. The GOSSIP may also share secret or hidden information, in this context, secrets hidden in your subconscious mind. I also get the impression from these first two cards that this deck may be the most popular one I’ve created.

With SAGE, the energy totally changes, suggesting this deck should be taken seriously. This archetype doles out some really deep wisdom and profound advice so these cards will play the role of advisor as well. The SAGE “uses personal knowledge of people and the world to help tell stories and offer guidance that may impress upon his audience a sense of who they are and who they might become.” (Wise old man archetype via

Here are more images…


Let me know what you think about this deck!

Timing Technique: Major Arcana

timingHere’s another idea for timing techniques. Use the tarot Major Arcana to represent months. If you want to know when something will happen, randomly select a card from the Majors. Time periods are based on the card’s number. For example, The Wheel = 10 months. The Fool (0) shows something happening immediately. If you’d rather change the time period to days or weeks, that’s okay too.