Oracle Cards Are Now For Sale!

You can now purchase my original oracle decks + matching deck pouches + journals in my shop space on!

Over the Moon Oracle Cards

This is a hybrid combining an oracle deck and a playing card deck. The cards are poker size and depict an image with a keyword on one side and a playing card on the other. You can also purchase this deck without the captioned keywords. The images are from old book illustrations found on, from the book, The Real Mother Goose, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright and published in 1916.

The image and corresponding keyword represent the meaning of the playing cards based on my Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy playing card divination system. With this deck, absolutely EVERY question can be answered! Here are a few possibilities that can be achieved using this unique deck:

  • Say what you see (use the story method of interpretation) when you forget a meaning or get stuck
  • Describe scenes and situations in detail
  • String the keywords together to get a snapshot of the reading
  • Get detailed physical descriptions of people in the questioner’s life
  • Use directional cues to understand interactions between people in the questioner’s life
  • Add depth and layers of information using just the numbers from the playing cards
  • Identify the reading’s core message with a numerical theme
  • Be able to find lost objects and decode the timing of events
  • Give helpful, specific advice
  • Answer yes/no questions easily using the colors of the playing card suits

The Simple Lenormand

The Simple Lenormand is a Lenormand-esque deck with a black border available in two sizes: poker size and mini size. Images were found on

This is a great deck for doing general readings and forecasts. The traditional Lenormand has 36 cards. This deck contains 40 cards and includes the following 4 extra cards: Male, Female, Fire and Handshake. The male and female cards may be used as additional significators. Many of the cards have been updated with new, modern correspondences. These cards are unnumbered and unlabeled, allowing you to tune into the symbolism easily.

Bouquet = Gift

Scythe = Scissors

Whip = Fist

Birds = Phone

Child = Pacifier

Fox = Mask

Bear = Bull

Stork = Butterfly

Tower = Crown

Garden = Wine

Letter = Papers

Lily = Bed

Fish = Money

The Cinderella Deck

The Cinderella Deck features old book art illustrations from the book, The Wonderful Story of Cinderella: Rhymed and Retold published in 1921, found on deck contains 29 poker sized cards with a white border that tell the story of Cinderella from beginning to end. Each card is numbered at the top.

It’s a wonderful deck for relationship readings, particularly for those who are looking for their Prince Charming as well as those who are trying to manifest a happy ending in their romance. This deck is also great for any type of goal-setting or manifestation readings. It can help you see where you are in the story of manifesting your happy ending in any area of life.

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Heart-To-Heart Spread Part II

This version of interpreting the spread can be useful to get to the root of ongoing conflicts and arguments. You can use the same cards but interpret them from the perspective of emotional viewpoint.

Get out your playing cards, focus on the person you wish to connect with, shuffle the cards and pull two cards. The first one represents YOUR heart. The 2nd card is the other person’s heart. Look at the SUITS only. For tarot you can simply take out the Majors and use just the Minors.

Here’s your guide:
Clubs/Wands = act, create, move, progress, travel, defend, start, push, wait, expand, rest, motivate, complete
Hearts/Cups = love, feel, connect, embrace, share, commit, give, offer, forgive, dream, pray, wish, desire
Diamonds/Pentacles = earn, have, own, build, secure, purchase, acquire, exchange, increase, spend, receive, plan, prepare, attain
Spades/Swords = block, inhibit, limit, freeze, lose, remove, interfere, destruct, fear, regret, lie, deny, grieve

Are your hearts in sync?
Here’s an example. Let’s say Bill and Ann are arguing over whether the time is right to sell their home and downsize since their children have left home. Bill receives a Diamonds/Pentacles and Ann receives a Clubs/Wands card. Bill wants to stay put because he earned the money to build the home and it has provided everything they need. He’s concerned about what they will receive for the home in this market and he thinks it’s a more stable base to prepare for the future. He is patient and persistent in getting his point across. Ann is ready for change and progress and she is ready to take action. She wants to travel and have the freedom to move around. She thinks they should expand their horizons. She’s feeling frustrated and impatient.

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