My Pic Collage Reading

I’ve been having fun with the app, Pic Collage. It suddenly occurred to me while mixing some images together that I can turn this into a divinatory system. Here’s how:

(1) Come up with a question.
(2) Randomly choose a background image.
(3) Randomly choose an image featuring a person (or two for relationship-type questions).
(4) Arrange the people on the background where you think they should go (who remembers Colorforms?)
(5) Interpret your “reading.”

Here’s my example:


Background image courtesy of images courtesy of

All of my personal readings have been suggesting I’m supposed to meet a new guy. I even had a friend do a Cinderella reading for me and she came up with the same thing. She also advised that I need to open my eyes to notice him and to loosen up a bit. So I posed the question, What do I need to know about my potential suitor? and randomly selected a background and the two people images (I do this by closing my eyes, flipping through my photo stream and just pointing to a picture). Then I arranged the people on the background in a way that made sense to me.

Look at this image. What do you notice? There’s a guy who seems to be greeting this woman. Look at her body language. She’s got her arms folded and she appears to be glaring at him. Here’s my interpretation:

(1) I haven’t met or been properly introduced to this potential suitor yet (the guy is tipping his hat in greeting).
(2) He may come across as sensitive (wearing the heart chakra colors of green and pink).
(3) I will have my guard up (woman w/arms folded).
(4) I may look down on him at first or perhaps he is someone younger than I (woman is standing on higher ground than man).

This “reading” brings up the same issues as my friend’s reading and shows I need to be more open and less guarded so I can meet this guy!


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