DIY READING: Your Ideal Career

careerGet out your playing cards! This is a self-discovery reading to find out which careers suit you.

Cards: All

Process: Shuffle the cards focusing on the question, “What career best suits me? Select one card and use the card suit only for your interpretation.


You often have trouble staying in one job for long and find the greatest satisfaction in a position that allows freedom of movement. You have an inventive mind and your focus is on creating new possibilities and seizing the moment. Careers in travel and communication are most enjoyable for you. Your perfect career may be in sales, marketing, and public relations or you might gravitate to the performing arts professions. Teaching, writing and composing are also possible career choices.

Your perfect career may be in the helping professions such since you are focused on creating harmony and goodwill with others. So don’t be surprised if you find your calling as a nurse, doctor, teacher, therapist, social worker or minister. Other career options include customer service positions and working in the service or beauty industries.

You like to be at the financial forefront of any operation. You may excel at being a banker, accountant, financial planner, or CFO. You are focused on establishing and maintaining security so any job that allows you to do this is ideal. You may also be drawn to fields where you can literally build such as construction and carpentry or areas where you can be in touch with the earth such as the agricultural industry.

Your perfect career is in an industry where things are in black and white, such as the legal and law enforcement professions. You enjoy managing others and making judgements and decisions. You might also gravitate to professions where you must deal with the seedy side of life in order to preserve order and balance, for example, working as a drug abuse counselor or a probation officer.


ONE CARD READING: Will my business become so successful I can quit being a dental hygienist?

91-XLA blog visitor submitted her One Card Celtic Cross Reading form. Here are the results:

Question: Will my business become so successful I can quit being a dental hygienist?

What’s happening? Why is it happening?: The woman is leaving her house to go live with her family.

What’s wrong? What is the major concern?: She is a single mother and needs help.

What has already happened? What will happen next?: She left her husband. She will walk to her sisters house and live with her and her family.

Describe this character and their environment.: This woman is very strong and determined to get her life together. She comes from a middle class family but is struggling to make ends meet.

What does this character want and need?: She needs a job, love and support.

What is the solution? What action is necessary?: She needs to find a job right away.

Since this reader had some difficulty connecting her story to her situation I replied with the input below.


OK, well let’s see if we can figure it out. The first thing to do is change the story to 1st person so you can read it as your story. Read your story below to see if anything sounds familiar.

I am leaving my house to go live with my family. I am a single mother and need help. I left my husband. I will walk to my sisters house and live with her and her family. I am very strong and determined to get my life together. I come from a middle class family but am struggling to make ends meet. I need a job, love and support. I need to find a job right away.
Now we can see that your reading is telling you a few things:
(1) You are leaving a secure environment.
(2) You are doing this alone and need help.
(3) You are very strong and determined to get your life together.
(4) You are struggling.
(5) You need a job, love and support.
(6) You need to find a job right away.

I am going to make some symbolic connections (you will have to use your instinct & intuition to tell you if they feel right).

House = dental hygienist position. This type of work is where you currently “reside” but you are in the process of leaving this type of work.
My family = business. Your business feels closer to your heart – like family. The important thing is the contrast between these 2 things: you are leaving a HOUSE for a FAMILY. They each have their pros and cons. A HOUSE can provide a very stable structure, foundation and shelter. A FAMILY provides more of an emotional feeling of safety and stability. So, you are giving up the physical stability for the emotional stability.
single mother = you’re doing your business alone or perhaps you feel alone. You also need help to run this business.
husband = source of support or second source of income? This shows something you have already left behind so I’m not exactly sure what he represents.
sisters house/her family = is your business one that targets women specifically? Again, we have a contrast: you are leaving a HUSBAND for SISTERS. This could show leaving a male-dominated environment for one that is more female-centered. Think about the qualities you assign to masculine and feminine. This can show leaving a more structured setting for one that is more flexible for example.
middle class family = this relates to your environment. What associations do you have for the word “middle.” This is where you “come from.” Sometimes the middle relates to being average. Are you still in the middle stages of getting your business off the ground?
job = a business client or assignment. I’m assuming there’s not much symbolism to this. It would seem that for your business to become so successful that you can quit being a dental hygienist, you need to find a job right away. I don’t think this relates to your hygienist job because it’s about finding a job and I’m assuming you already have a job as a hygienist. It could mean finding a job that better supports you in your business. Or finding a lucrative client/job assignment for your business (I don’t know what your biz is so you will have to ponder this).

You may find that another job will present itself in the next 30 days that will help you to get what you need (love, support, help) to make your business as successful as you wish.

Visitor’s reply: Wow, you are right on the money about what the reading is telling me. My intuition and instinct tells me everything you wrote is correct. I’m in the beginning stages of starting a business making jewelry. I also make hair accessories for kids but I feel like I could make more money in selling jewelry. I’m hard at work learning how to make bracelets right now and don’t really know how this will play out. I just know that I am spending a lot of money in learning and hoping I will be successful.

The 8 of Spades as a Career Path

legalOn Lindaland Personal Readings forum, I responded to a questioner’s confusion about which career path to pursue.

Given that each suit relates to a specific career path, I wanted to choose a card that reflected both a possible career path and the type of work. The 8 of Spades appeared.

The suit suggests a career in the areas of law or law enforcement or dealing with the seedy side of life. Some of my extended meanings for this card:

    • trapped in counterproductive patterns
    • external limitations
    • lack of resources
    • feelings of incompetence and powerlessness
    • roadblocks

I chose another card to reflect an aspect of the job – what would the job actually entail. The 3 of Clubs relates to communication, speaking, writing, getting the word out. Then it hit me – advocacy! I suggested that she look at a career in advocacy, speaking (and/or writing) on behalf of people who are “stuck” in life and have limited resources or circumstances. A career as a social worker or public defender are also possibilities.

My Career Path Reading

Using my Pathways to the Soul cards, I chose 3 to signify my career path.


Card 1 — My past career path

I’m on a highway out in the country, traveling pretty fast as miles of green pastures zip by. There is a hill on either side so right now I can’t see much of the scenery around me. I’ve been traveling pretty fast down my career path but haven’t really been able to enjoy the scenery around me. This card is like having tunnel vision, very focused on moving forward but not really enjoying life.

Card 2 — My present career path

This is a pretty path full of pink flowers. The color pink always reminds me of compassion and healing so perhaps this relates to my current career as a reflexologist. It looks like this path branches off up a hill and around a curve. Compared to the highway I was just on, this path becomes quite narrow when it branches off. Interestingly, this is another scenic path much like the card I chose in my Life Path Reading. This card suggests I will be branching off in a new direction that is narrower in scope, perhaps specializing in a particular area.

Card 3 — My future career path

Bridges signify transitions to me and on this path the bridge leads to the city. I take this to mean that in the future I can expect a career transition which will allow me to reach a wider audience with my skills and talents.

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A Peek at 5 Divination Tools

(This article was originally published in Beyond Infinity e-zine)

In recent years, I’ve noticed how much the divination section of my local bookstore has grown.  Divination is the process of gaining insights into the past, present, and future through intuition, inspiration and reflection.  Typically, some divination tool is used to clarify the message.  Divination tools like tarot, I Ching and runes have been favorites for years but pendulum dowsing and tea leaf reading seem to be gaining popularity.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards divided into two parts.  Twenty-two cards make up the major arcana (“arcana” means mystery or secret) and the rest of the deck is called the minor arcana, which is very similar to the regular playing card deck. Tarot cards can be used for prediction and as a meditation or counseling tool.

I Ching (pronounced ee-ching) or Book of Changes as it is translated, is an oracle that explains 64 types of changes (known as hexagrams) based on the principles of yin and yang energy.  The I Ching is commonly consulted by means of tossing coins and it is an excellent tool for guidance, showing you how to proceed and what steps to take.

Runes are 24 symbols believed to be based on alphabetic script from ancient Nordic civilizations.  In most of today’s rune sets, the symbols are carved into stones and a 25th rune stone is included which is blank. The symbols are interpreted based on their literal meanings and are often used for magical purposes in spells and for making amulets.

Pendulum dowsing involves using a pendulum (a weighted object on a string or chain) to gain information about a person, place or object.  Many people are familiar with dowsing rods used to locate water or precious metals in the ground.  Pendulums are similar but smaller devices.  By swinging in different directions, the pendulum signals responses; they are especially helpful for yes/no questions.  Using the pendulum with a decision board or chart allows for more specific readings.

Tea leaf reading, also called tasseography, involves interpreting the shapes and images made from the leftover tea leaves in a cup of tea.  Some common shapes include a bird, an anchor, or a spider.  Often letters can be seen as well. Tea leaf reading is a fun, social form of divination that can be used for predicting events in the past, present and future.

The best way to understand and compare these different methods is to show them in action so I decided to do a reading using each tool.  Here are my results based on the question, “How can I increase my financial potential this year?”

Tarot: The 10 of Cups shows a picture of a happy family in front of their home. This card represents group activities, families, connecting with others, and being thankful and joyous.

Runes: The rune Othel means native land and represents home, homeland, property, legacy, inheritance, establishment of a good home base, and assistance from family or established organizations.

I Ching: Hexagram 19 (Nearing) signifies an approach, the arrival of the new, growing, an honored and powerful force comes nearer, and gaining influence and decisive leadership.

Tea leaves: Among other symbols, I saw a stork, a horse and rider, and a bee.  These symbols may represent a birth or new beginning; traveling or a change of job or residence; and being busy (as a bee).

Pendulum dowsing using a decision chart: The pendulum swayed toward these two messages – “Stay firm” and “Don’t take a financially tempting offer.”

I was really impressed by the similarities in the readings, particularly between the tarot and runes.  I work as a consultant and one of my clients is a family-owned business.  Part of my work with them involves training and facilitating groups – I haven’t done this type of work in several months, but it may be a good financial source.  I definitely need to take more of a decisive role in determining my business direction as the I Ching suggests.  This is also a very slow period and, as the bee and stork symbols advise, I need to get busy and start taking on new projects.  The pendulum reading seems to relate to my thoughts about going back to full-time employment under more lucrative circumstances, but suggests that I try to stay firm in my consulting goals for now.

POSTSCRIPT: I discovered a week after performing these readings that my primary client would be reorganizing in the next few months and limiting my consulting services, thereby forcing some of the changes the readings revealed.  I also learned of a potential opportunity for a full-time management position with a large and well-established organization. They offered more money than I had ever made. In hindsight, I should have followed the pendulum advice of staying firm and NOT taking this position. But I was in a desperate financial situation. I worked for the company for 2 years and it was the most toxic 2 years of my entire life.

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Crystal/Gemstone Divination

This was a crystal/gemstone divination reading I performed for myself. It’s still a new divination process for me but here’s some information on how I perform crystal divination. I have a little bag full of crystals and gemstones that I collect. Some of them just look like everyday stones. When I get a new stone, I assign a meaning to it.

These are the different ways I’ll assign meaning: (1) the stone’s healing properties. If I’m really familiar with the stone and it’s healing properties, then that is the divinatory meaning. Ex: Rose quartz = close connections and relationships. (2) the stone’s color assigned to 5 elements (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Ex: goldstone = Fire element, blue quartz = Water element. (3) The meaning is just based on whatever strikes me when I look at the stone. For example, I have a stone that looks like camouflage so it means “something is not as it appears.” (4) stone shape. Using the same camouflage stone, when it falls in a certain position it looks like a boot. When it falls like this, I use the meaning of a military influence.

I use one of two processes for choosing stones: (1) pick one stone at a time from the bag to represent something from a spread. (2) grab a small handful of stones and cast them to see where they land. This is a little harder to interpret. In general, the stone closest to you is the main issue/concern and the stone farthest away is the result. It’s important to note what stones land next to each other. For example, I use a purple stone to represent women and a blue stone to represent men.So when the purple stone lands next to the Winter stone (white/gray looking stone) then I know it’s a woman from the past or an older woman.

QUESTION: What do I need to know about my job?

This was a job fraught w/many interpersonal conflicts and stress. I was just starting to develop a friendship w/the new Director and was hoping that things would become less stressful than under the old Director’s regime. I chose three crystals from the bag: Rhodonite, Lapis Lazuli, and Goldstone.

Here are the meanings I use:

Rhodonite = like Snake in Lenormand deck; all sorts of disappointments, jealousies, betrayal and tricks by familiar people; caution is necessary.

Lapis Lazuli = friendship and the ability to contain or minimize conflict; peacemaking; support

Goldstone = Fire element; joy, excitement, laughter, person w/red hair or ruddy featres; when turned w/sharp point up = mania, out of control

My interpretation: Rhodonite shows caution is necessary; I can expect all sorts of problems and disappointments from familiar people. Interestingly, Goldstone represents the new Director who I believe is Fire element and has red hair and laughs a lot. The Lapis seems to be pointing to Goldstone and the sharp peak of Goldstone is up suggesting manic personality w/sharp edges.

POSTSCRIPT: I found out 2 weeks later that the new Director had given her 2 weeks notice but didn’t intend to tell anyone including me or the rest of the staff. So, I was disappointed by a Fire Element (Goldstone) personality I thought was a friend (Rhodonite). The peacemaking theme (Lapis Lazuli) comes up for me in every job I take. I’m always the one who has to keep the peace in these dysfunctional environments I attract. As the assistant in charge, I was once again forced to minimize conflict – staff and other constituents were very upset that they didn’t know the new Director (who had worked for 45 days) was leaving.

This is a great book on the subject (Crystal and Gemstone Divination by Gail Butler):