DIY READING: Your Ideal Career

careerGet out your playing cards! This is a self-discovery reading to find out which careers suit you.

Cards: All

Process: Shuffle the cards focusing on the question, “What career best suits me? Select one card and use the card suit only for your interpretation.


You often have trouble staying in one job for long and find the greatest satisfaction in a position that allows freedom of movement. You have an inventive mind and your focus is on creating new possibilities and seizing the moment. Careers in travel and communication are most enjoyable for you. Your perfect career may be in sales, marketing, and public relations or you might gravitate to the performing arts professions. Teaching, writing and composing are also possible career choices.

Your perfect career may be in the helping professions such since you are focused on creating harmony and goodwill with others. So don’t be surprised if you find your calling as a nurse, doctor, teacher, therapist, social worker or minister. Other career options include customer service positions and working in the service or beauty industries.

You like to be at the financial forefront of any operation. You may excel at being a banker, accountant, financial planner, or CFO. You are focused on establishing and maintaining security so any job that allows you to do this is ideal. You may also be drawn to fields where you can literally build such as construction and carpentry or areas where you can be in touch with the earth such as the agricultural industry.

Your perfect career is in an industry where things are in black and white, such as the legal and law enforcement professions. You enjoy managing others and making judgements and decisions. You might also gravitate to professions where you must deal with the seedy side of life in order to preserve order and balance, for example, working as a drug abuse counselor or a probation officer.


DIY READING: What’s your soulmate score?

soulmateEach soulmate finds in the other a lover, friend, playmate, confidante, nurturer, teacher, student, champion and spiritual equal. — Tweeted by @AmyZerner, who has co-authored numerous tarot and oracle books and tools with husband Monte Farber.

This tweet looked like the beginnings of a DIY Reading to me, so get out your playing cards!

What’s Your Soulmate Score?
Use this reading to discover how you and your partner measure up as a soulmate. If you’re having trouble finding and keeping a soulmate, this is a great reading to identify your strengths and weaknesses in relationships.

Focus on the question, “What’s my soulmate score?” Shuffle the entire deck (minus Jokers) and select 9 cards, one for each of these qualities:

Spiritual Equal

Look only at the number or face of the card. Ace = lowest; King = highest. Your score will be found somewhere along this scale: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. Any quality below a 6 needs some improvement. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner can see how the two of you match up. You may find that you’re filling the role that your partner lacks and vice versa. For example, if you score high on Playmate, your partner may score low in this area. If you’re not in a relationship, your score will show your relationship patterns or history. Low scores may show roles that aren’t your strengths in relationships but also that you just haven’t attracted the person who will bring out these qualities in you.


What’s my soulmate score? I want to see how I have measured up as a soulmate in my previous relationships.

Lover = 8
Friend = Q
Playmate = 9
Confidante = J
Nurturer = 3
Teacher = 5
Student = 6
Champion = J
Spiritual Equal = 8

My strengths are being a Friend, Confidante and Champion in my relationships. I have been weak as a Nurturer and Teacher. This rings true. I tend to save my nurturing and teaching energy for my clients. But now that I’m aware I may not be using this energy in my relationships, I can do better.

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Get out your playing cards! This self-discovery reading reveals the faces we wear and the roles we play.

Cards: Face cards only.

Process: Focus on the question, “Who am I?” Shuffle the face cards and select four cards, one for each of the following statements:

(a) This is the face I show to the world.
(b) This is the real me.
(c) This is the part of me I keep hidden (represents your shadow side or the things you don’t like about yourself or are afraid to express).
(d) This is who I’d like to become.

Use the information below to interpret your reading.

The Interpretation
Jack of Clubs – the Traveler, the Salesperson, the Negotiator
Jack of Hearts – the Hopeless Romantic, the Pipe Dreamer, the Don Juan
Jack of Diamonds – the Gambler, the Cheapskate, the Career Changer
Jack of Spades – the Troublemaker, the Two-Faced Friend, the Rumor Mill
Queen of Clubs – the Hostess with the Mostest, the Motivator, the Seducer
Queen of Hearts – the Sister, the Sweetheart, the Doormat
Queen of Diamonds – the Mother, the Juggler of Career and Family, the Homebody
Queen of Spades – the Jilted Lover, the Mourner, the Ice Queen
King of Clubs – the Manager, the Head Honcho, the Mover and Shaker
King of Hearts – the Father, the Artist, the Wounded King
King of Diamonds – the Breadwinner, the Real Estate Mogul, the Workaholic
King of Spades – the Decisionmaker, the Judge and Jury, the Strategist

Sample Reading

Diane is a single mother of two. Her husband passed away suddenly three years ago and she has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. She works as an assistant manager at a retail store, serves as fundraising coordinator for the PTA and has not been on a date since her husband’s untimely death. Diane feels she has lost her identity and purpose in life. She pulls the following cards for her Who Am I? Reading:

(a) This is the face I show to the world: Queen of Spades

(b) This is the real me: Jack of Hearts

(c) This is the part of me I keep hidden (represents your shadow side or the things you don’t like about yourself or are afraid to express): Jack of Spades

(d) This is who I’d like to become: King of Clubs

Diane’s face to the world is the Mourner since her husband’s death. It shows she is still grieving and depressed, and she’s having trouble motivating herself. Diane is really the Jack of Hearts, though. She’s a dreamer and a hopeless romantic. Even though she has not pursued dating in several years, this card shows she wants to explore some new possibilities in that area. The Jack of Hearts also reveals she has high hopes and aspirations for herself.

Her shadow side is the Jack of Spades, but she is afraid to stir things up like this Jack would. The King of Clubs is who Diane would like to become. It’s the only King in the reading which shows she really wants to leave behind her passive (Queen) and unexperienced (Jack) aspects and be more of an authority figure. This King is a take-charge person. Diane may want to be promoted to the position of manager on the job or just simply feel more in control of her life. She wants to make things happen and really shake things up in her life.

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DIY READING: Is He a Lover, Leaver, Loser or Long-Term Partner?

Get out your playing cards! Here’s a reading to determine the romantic style of a current or potential romantic partner.

Cards: All minus Joker

Process: Focus on your romantic partner or potential partner while shuffling the cards. Select one to reflect your partner’s romantic style. Your interpretation is based on the card suit only.


Clubs ♣
Your partner is the romantic Don Juan type, enacting the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” scenario. He jumps quickly into new relationships but may have trouble making commitments and settling down even when his feelings are very strong.

Hearts ♥
A hopeless romantic, your partner loves the idea of love and being in love. He will shower you with tokens of his love and affection. He can also be clingy and will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship going, even long after it should be over. An eternal optimist, he sees only the bright side of even the most destructive relationship.

Diamonds ♦
Your partner is Mr. Practical. He prefers to take things slowly in a new relationship and wants to get his financial house in order before making any long-term commitments. However, he is very protective of those he loves and, once in a relationship, he is usually there for the long haul.

Spades ♠
There are three reasons why your partner has a great deal of trouble making relationships work: (1) he prefers his own company to others, (2) he keeps his emotions close to the vest, and (3) he refuses to be vulnerable. It will take a lot of work to melt this popsicle so proceed with caution.

DIY Reading: Strengths and Weaknesses

Get out your playing cards! This is a self-discovery reading that helps you examine your personal assets and liabilities.

This reading can be applied to partnership concerns as well. For instance, you may inquire about the inherent strengths and weaknesses of a business partnership or a romantic relationship. Also, you may perform this reading with a particular concern in mind, for example, “What are my professional assets and liabilities?” or “What strengths and weaknesses do I have in term of friendships?”

Cards: Pip cards only.

Process: Shuffle the cards and select two cards. The number of the first card chosen represents your strengths. The number of the second card represents your weaknesses. Use the interpretations below to determine what the cards reveal about your personal strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are boldface and the weaknesses are in italics. You may find that you have chosen two cards with the same number. If this is the case, your strengths and weaknesses are two sides of the same coin.

The Interpretation


You are a go-getter and have the vision and focus to get new projects and endeavors off the ground.
You lack staying power. Once something has been started, you lose interest.


You have the ability to find common ground and you enjoy doing things as a team.
You are hesitant and unsure of yourself. People treat you as a doormat because you don’t have the confidence to stand your ground.


You are naturally self-expressive and creative.
You are restless and have trouble channeling your energy into worthwhile pursuits.


You are efficient, task-oriented and can maintain order and a stable routine.
You can be rigid in your viewpoint and actions. You are afraid of change.


You strive for independence and freedom. You have a thirst for exploration and knowledge.
You may find yourself alone, alienating others in your drive for freedom and independence.


You are supportive and caring. You take your responsibilities to heart and offer help readily.
You often play the role of martyr. You spend too much time taking care of others and not enough time for yourself.


You have a clear sense of self. You take time for reflection before moving forward in any endeavor.
You have your head in the clouds and are unrealistic.


You have a great deal of personal power and charisma. You are able to persuade others and direct your energies to achieve your dreams.
You are power and money hungry. Financial and career success take precedence over personal relationships.


You are self-actualized – you are comfortable with who you are and your position in life.
You have trouble letting go, hold onto every mistake, and have many regrets about the past that keep you from moving forward.


You are good at working with large groups. You have a way of bringing people together in a sense of community.
You try to do too much and take on too many responsibilities. You are often overextended.

Sample Reading
Doug has had a string of unsuccessful relationships but he’s not sure why. He does this reading to determine his strengths and weaknesses in romantic relationships. His reading:

Strengths: 2 of Clubs
Weaknesses: 8 of Diamonds

The reading shows that while Doug is good at finding common ground (2) with his romantic partners, the relationships must take a back seat to his financial and career aspirations (8).

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