My Archetypes of the Soul Reading

Here’s the reading I did with my Archetypes of the Soul cards, made on The cards are very simple — just words on a landscape background.


Photo credits: National Park Service

My first impression was, “So this is why I have trouble making money!”

The big clue is TYCOON in the shadow aspect. The shadow represents things you don’t want to associate with, what you dislike or find repelling. These can be positive traits as well as negative ones: “No, I’m not the creative one in the family; that’s my sister.” The TYCOON is the Donald Trump archetype in terms of money — he’s a big money maker, risk taker, investor, etc. This energy exists in me but I’m repressing it. Second, the PHILOSOPHER is not known for making huge piles of cash. Their contribution is their wisdom which is an intangible so they often don’t get compensated for the knowledge they share.

The TEACHER is how I can bridge these 2 energies….what synchronicity….I AM a teacher! I have always had trouble asking people for money as a service professional but for some reason don’t have that problem when it comes to teaching. And teaching allows me to get compensated for an intangible service (knowledge).

This reading reflects exactly who I am and provides some new insights. Even though the information isn’t new to me, seeing the cards appear in their positions really brought home some of the issues I’ve been struggling with and now I know I’m on the right track to balance these conflicts.

Stay tuned…I have another archetype deck on it’s way.

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