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Hello friends,

Just letting you know I’m no longer posting here but I have a great new blog with tons of info, sample readings, AND ORACLE CARDS!

My new focus is the oracle and tarot cards I’m creating. I’d love to share them with you! So follow my new blog to stay up-to-date on my products.




Oracle Cards Are Now For Sale!

You can now purchase my original oracle decks + matching deck pouches + journals in my shop space on Printerstudio.com!

Over the Moon Oracle Cards

This is a hybrid combining an oracle deck and a playing card deck. The cards are poker size and depict an image with a keyword on one side and a playing card on the other. You can also purchase this deck without the captioned keywords. The images are from old book illustrations found on OldBookArt.com, from the book, The Real Mother Goose, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright and published in 1916.

The image and corresponding keyword represent the meaning of the playing cards based on my Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy playing card divination system. With this deck, absolutely EVERY question can be answered! Here are a few possibilities that can be achieved using this unique deck:

  • Say what you see (use the story method of interpretation) when you forget a meaning or get stuck
  • Describe scenes and situations in detail
  • String the keywords together to get a snapshot of the reading
  • Get detailed physical descriptions of people in the questioner’s life
  • Use directional cues to understand interactions between people in the questioner’s life
  • Add depth and layers of information using just the numbers from the playing cards
  • Identify the reading’s core message with a numerical theme
  • Be able to find lost objects and decode the timing of events
  • Give helpful, specific advice
  • Answer yes/no questions easily using the colors of the playing card suits

The Simple Lenormand

The Simple Lenormand is a Lenormand-esque deck with a black border available in two sizes: poker size and mini size. Images were found on openclipart.org.

This is a great deck for doing general readings and forecasts. The traditional Lenormand has 36 cards. This deck contains 40 cards and includes the following 4 extra cards: Male, Female, Fire and Handshake. The male and female cards may be used as additional significators. Many of the cards have been updated with new, modern correspondences. These cards are unnumbered and unlabeled, allowing you to tune into the symbolism easily.

Bouquet = Gift

Scythe = Scissors

Whip = Fist

Birds = Phone

Child = Pacifier

Fox = Mask

Bear = Bull

Stork = Butterfly

Tower = Crown

Garden = Wine

Letter = Papers

Lily = Bed

Fish = Money

The Cinderella Deck

The Cinderella Deck features old book art illustrations from the book, The Wonderful Story of Cinderella: Rhymed and Retold published in 1921, found on OldBookArt.com.The deck contains 29 poker sized cards with a white border that tell the story of Cinderella from beginning to end. Each card is numbered at the top.

It’s a wonderful deck for relationship readings, particularly for those who are looking for their Prince Charming as well as those who are trying to manifest a happy ending in their romance. This deck is also great for any type of goal-setting or manifestation readings. It can help you see where you are in the story of manifesting your happy ending in any area of life.

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Follow My New Blog

Happy New Year! I’ve been gone for a while so I’m letting you know what I’ve been up to. I’ve set up a new blog on the Blogger platform (yep, I’m done with WordPress) that features the oracle decks I’ve been creating. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve seen them in some of my posts. Well, I went back to the drawing board and I’ve been revising some of them and creating new ones. I’ll still be posting about cartomancy but I’ll be using my decks as inspiration, so that means I’ll be posting about playing card cartomancy, Lenormand cartomancy, archetypes, and more. Follow me at Over the Moon Oracle Cards.

I’ve received questions about making the decks for sale and I’m hoping to offer them for sale through Printerstudio.com. I’m setting up my online shop now and hopefully they will be available for sale within the next few weeks. I’ll send out another blog post when they are ready. Here’s what I plan to offer:

Over the Moon Oracle Cards – a hybrid playing card/oracle card deck. Playing cards on one side…images on the other. Read more about it in the post, This Ain’t Your Usual Oracle Deck.

Photo Jan 11, 5 37 50 PM

The Simple Lenormand – a simple line art Lennie-esque deck with 40 cards. Read more about it in the post, The Simple Lenormand has arrived!

Photo Jan 12, 5 11 12 PM

The Cinderella Deck – you’ve seen it here on this blog and some of you received a Cinderella Reading. New blog posts coming soon.

I’m also offering interpretation help for your 3-card readings using my decks or regular playing cards. Find out how to submit your readings HERE. See an example of interpretation help in the post, Will I Find Love This Year?

This blog will stay up so you can refer back to it (I know I do). I’ll also be expanding on some of the posts I wrote here on the new blog. For example, I just wrote an expanded article on using the numerical theme. I’ll also be sharing more spreads — I know you can’t get enough of them! Check out this one, Started From The Bottom, and some interpretation help with a reading using the spread. Hope to see you soon at Over the Moon Oracle Cards!


Party Spread

A question on the Tarot Talk Google+ community inspired this post. One of the members wanted to know if he could read more than one person at a time, like at a party, using the same spread. I think this is a great idea given the right party and people. I think it should be kept rather lighthearted and focused on the group dynamics and individual personalities, rather than trying to be predictive.

Let’s say there are nine people at the party. You choose one card to represent each person and then look at the layout to see how everyone interacts based on the visual cues. Here’s a real reading using imaginary people. I only used the court cards but you could use the whole deck or maybe just the Majors.


Over the Moon Tarot deck
Images courtesy of OldBookArt.com

The party goers:

Jerry (Page of Wands)

Steve (Queen of Pentacles)

Katrina (Queen of Swords)

Daphne (Page of Cups)

Debbie (King of Wands)

Mark (Knight of Wands)

Patti (Queen of Cups)

Stacey (Page of Swords)

Bill (Queen of Wands)

What do you observe about them and their interactions? Who came to the party together? Who has mentally checked out of the party? Where are the conflicts? Who is the life of the party? These are some possibilities….

There is a couple at the center of this group — Debbie and Bill — The King and Queen of Wands respectively. Debbie keeps the group in harmony (this King plays music). Debbie wears the pants in the relationship — Bill simply dances to whatever music Debbie plays. They came to the party with Jerry and Mark (the other Wands).

There are three people who are not really engaged in the festivities. They are all facing outside the spread. Patti, who is constantly looking at herself in the mirror, brought sidekick Daphne, who doesn’t want to be there and definitely isn’t having any fun. Mark, a natural salesman, is actually outside, selling bootleg CDs from his car trunk.

Jerry who always looks busy running around and often misplaces things (Page of Wands is missing a shoe), has to run interference between Steve and Katrina. Notice how the Queen of Pentacles and Queen of Swords are having a face off. Everyone at the party knows Steve and Katrina don’t get along…perhaps it’s just some misplaced sexual tension.

Stacey doesn’t notice anything that’s going on with the people at the party. An animal lover, she spends her time trying to get the pet parakeet to repeat her name.

What do you see?

DIY READING: Your Ideal Career

careerGet out your playing cards! This is a self-discovery reading to find out which careers suit you.

Cards: All

Process: Shuffle the cards focusing on the question, “What career best suits me? Select one card and use the card suit only for your interpretation.


You often have trouble staying in one job for long and find the greatest satisfaction in a position that allows freedom of movement. You have an inventive mind and your focus is on creating new possibilities and seizing the moment. Careers in travel and communication are most enjoyable for you. Your perfect career may be in sales, marketing, and public relations or you might gravitate to the performing arts professions. Teaching, writing and composing are also possible career choices.

Your perfect career may be in the helping professions such since you are focused on creating harmony and goodwill with others. So don’t be surprised if you find your calling as a nurse, doctor, teacher, therapist, social worker or minister. Other career options include customer service positions and working in the service or beauty industries.

You like to be at the financial forefront of any operation. You may excel at being a banker, accountant, financial planner, or CFO. You are focused on establishing and maintaining security so any job that allows you to do this is ideal. You may also be drawn to fields where you can literally build such as construction and carpentry or areas where you can be in touch with the earth such as the agricultural industry.

Your perfect career is in an industry where things are in black and white, such as the legal and law enforcement professions. You enjoy managing others and making judgements and decisions. You might also gravitate to professions where you must deal with the seedy side of life in order to preserve order and balance, for example, working as a drug abuse counselor or a probation officer.

Shameless Plug

cardsJust thought I’d share a few reviews from my cartomancy course, Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days! The online course, through Udemy.com, contains more than 40 lectures and 5 hours of content!

Top Site For Learning How to Read Playing Cards! ~ I have been reading playing cards professionally (this is the ONLY way I earn my living) for over 15 years. In this time I have read many books on how to read playing cards, have taken a number of courses on reading playing cards, and have worked with a number of different systems. None of them have been as easy or as comprehensive as this course is–and this only a “beginners” course. “Beginners” it may be, but in truth it is far more than this. When you complete this course, and IF you learn it well, you are on your way to becoming a very competent card reader. The author of this course put out an ebook a decade or so ago on her method of reading playing cards and has been updating it ever since. It now is the best course out there on reading the cards for many reasons: (1) it is well structured and the information is quickly grasped, (2) she has a wealth of information, some of which is truly her own, (3) the basic 3-card layout is shown to have great depth, a depth which has never been explained in any other writer’s book or internet info. The author is there to explain and answer any question you might have. She obviously has had much experience in reading the cards and each of her answers give some new information. This course gives a deep foundation on which to build one’s own system of reading the cards. Combinations of cards come easily and quickly to mind. With this system, the cards really and truly come to life and speak to you, the reader. If you really want to learn how to read playing cards in less time than you thought it would take, this is the course for you.

Excellent ~ I have been wanting to learn to read Playing cards for the last couple years but, coming from a Tarot background, none of the information that I came across made any sense to me. I was fortunate to come across the Twelve of Hearts Divination blog and saw that she offered this online course. The course itself was fun, interesting, and very informational! It was worth every penny and I look forward to reviewing the lessons over and over!

Highly Recommend ~ I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to read playing cards. This course is very thorough. The instructor, Kristen, is helpful and readily available to answer questions. Kristen gives an excellent presentation through slide-shows, photos of the spread and explanations of the card meanings. She also has some attachments to download on most of the sections for you to keep for later review.

The course also contains bonus materials:

  • A Cartomancer’s Notes (26 pages) which gives a comprehensive commentary on each of the 52 cards and how to interpret them in different types of readings.
  • The Fortune-Teller’s Journal (29 pages), a self-discovery book with journaling prompts. Discover how to use playing cards for your daily journaling.

The course is best viewed in Google Chrome or FireFox.

Divination Works!

This goes to show you can do readings with anything, not just tarot or playing cards. Last Saturday morning, I journaled the question, What can I expect today? I am getting too lazy to find my decks and shuffle cards so I just scroll through the photo albums on my iPad, close my eyes and pick one. I chose from a bunch of images that are sooo cute, from PhotoRack.net.

Here’s the one I chose:


Image courtesy of PhotoRack.net

I wrote: Hmmm…looks like Christmas…a family gathering?

It seemed unlikely because my family rarely gathers and there wasn’t a wedding or funeral to attend. BUT, out of the blue, my Mom asked if I wanted to go to my aunt’s house. Her niece  whom she’s never met, was stopping by for a visit. So, I went and the niece brings her daughter along and lots of stories are shared and we have a little unexpected family reunion. Divination works!

DIY READING: What’s your soulmate score?

soulmateEach soulmate finds in the other a lover, friend, playmate, confidante, nurturer, teacher, student, champion and spiritual equal. — Tweeted by @AmyZerner, who has co-authored numerous tarot and oracle books and tools with husband Monte Farber.

This tweet looked like the beginnings of a DIY Reading to me, so get out your playing cards!

What’s Your Soulmate Score?
Use this reading to discover how you and your partner measure up as a soulmate. If you’re having trouble finding and keeping a soulmate, this is a great reading to identify your strengths and weaknesses in relationships.

Focus on the question, “What’s my soulmate score?” Shuffle the entire deck (minus Jokers) and select 9 cards, one for each of these qualities:

Spiritual Equal

Look only at the number or face of the card. Ace = lowest; King = highest. Your score will be found somewhere along this scale: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King. Any quality below a 6 needs some improvement. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner can see how the two of you match up. You may find that you’re filling the role that your partner lacks and vice versa. For example, if you score high on Playmate, your partner may score low in this area. If you’re not in a relationship, your score will show your relationship patterns or history. Low scores may show roles that aren’t your strengths in relationships but also that you just haven’t attracted the person who will bring out these qualities in you.


What’s my soulmate score? I want to see how I have measured up as a soulmate in my previous relationships.

Lover = 8
Friend = Q
Playmate = 9
Confidante = J
Nurturer = 3
Teacher = 5
Student = 6
Champion = J
Spiritual Equal = 8

My strengths are being a Friend, Confidante and Champion in my relationships. I have been weak as a Nurturer and Teacher. This rings true. I tend to save my nurturing and teaching energy for my clients. But now that I’m aware I may not be using this energy in my relationships, I can do better.

Learn to do more stuff with playing cards…register today for Your Future Is In The Cards: Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days! 

My Who Am I Reading

I decided to take my Soul Awakening Archetypes Cards out for another spin using DIY READING: Who Am I? Here’s what I got:


Three are considered royalty: PRINCE, KING and ARISTOCRAT (elite and privileged class).  The royalty angle has come up in past life readings so I wonder if this reading is bringing up something to explore about that.

This is the face I show to the world — PRINCE

This is the real me — ADVOCATE

This is the part of me I keep hidden — KING

This is who I’d like to become — ARISTOCRAT

I noticed after sitting with these cards for a few moments that they are showing me prosperity and career issues, which are always a source of inner conflict.

The PRINCE is someone whose needs are taken care of. He’s not yet old enough to rule so he is indulged and pampered. He doesn’t have to work at all. When I hear my life from other people’s lips, I realize I must give the impression that life is super easy and that people just give me things (I wish!). Perhaps it’s because I always appear calm. I also suspect they are picking up on some past-life residue.

The ADVOCATE must work for a living, to pay the bills. He prefers to work in a capacity where he is a public servant, helping others or advocating on their behalf. Despite the impression I give to others, I have to work for a living. My preference is to have a career that helps others in some way (one reason why I’m a reflexologist and instructor).

The KING inherits his position of power and wealth. This shows I’m not claiming my rightful power or wealth in this lifetime. This also relates to suppressing leadership abilities too. I often run away from leadership positions that seem like too much responsibility.

The ARISTOCRAT is independently wealthy and does not have to answer to the royal court. This is who I’d like to become — I’d like to work because I want to, not because I have to; I want to take care of myself and not have to rely on someone else. I’d also like more leisure time and (to be honest) perhaps a servant or two. At least an assistant!

My Pic Collage Reading

I’ve been having fun with the app, Pic Collage. It suddenly occurred to me while mixing some images together that I can turn this into a divinatory system. Here’s how:

(1) Come up with a question.
(2) Randomly choose a background image.
(3) Randomly choose an image featuring a person (or two for relationship-type questions).
(4) Arrange the people on the background where you think they should go (who remembers Colorforms?)
(5) Interpret your “reading.”

Here’s my example:


Background image courtesy of PhotoRack.net/Foreground images courtesy of OldBookArt.com

All of my personal readings have been suggesting I’m supposed to meet a new guy. I even had a friend do a Cinderella reading for me and she came up with the same thing. She also advised that I need to open my eyes to notice him and to loosen up a bit. So I posed the question, What do I need to know about my potential suitor? and randomly selected a background and the two people images (I do this by closing my eyes, flipping through my photo stream and just pointing to a picture). Then I arranged the people on the background in a way that made sense to me.

Look at this image. What do you notice? There’s a guy who seems to be greeting this woman. Look at her body language. She’s got her arms folded and she appears to be glaring at him. Here’s my interpretation:

(1) I haven’t met or been properly introduced to this potential suitor yet (the guy is tipping his hat in greeting).
(2) He may come across as sensitive (wearing the heart chakra colors of green and pink).
(3) I will have my guard up (woman w/arms folded).
(4) I may look down on him at first or perhaps he is someone younger than I (woman is standing on higher ground than man).

This “reading” brings up the same issues as my friend’s reading and shows I need to be more open and less guarded so I can meet this guy!