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Over the Moon Oracle Cards

This is a hybrid combining an oracle deck and a playing card deck. The cards are poker size and depict an image with a keyword on one side and a playing card on the other. You can also purchase this deck without the captioned keywords. The images are from old book illustrations found on, from the book, The Real Mother Goose, illustrated by Blanche Fisher Wright and published in 1916.

The image and corresponding keyword represent the meaning of the playing cards based on my Twelve of Hearts Cartomancy playing card divination system. With this deck, absolutely EVERY question can be answered! Here are a few possibilities that can be achieved using this unique deck:

  • Say what you see (use the story method of interpretation) when you forget a meaning or get stuck
  • Describe scenes and situations in detail
  • String the keywords together to get a snapshot of the reading
  • Get detailed physical descriptions of people in the questioner’s life
  • Use directional cues to understand interactions between people in the questioner’s life
  • Add depth and layers of information using just the numbers from the playing cards
  • Identify the reading’s core message with a numerical theme
  • Be able to find lost objects and decode the timing of events
  • Give helpful, specific advice
  • Answer yes/no questions easily using the colors of the playing card suits

The Simple Lenormand

The Simple Lenormand is a Lenormand-esque deck with a black border available in two sizes: poker size and mini size. Images were found on

This is a great deck for doing general readings and forecasts. The traditional Lenormand has 36 cards. This deck contains 40 cards and includes the following 4 extra cards: Male, Female, Fire and Handshake. The male and female cards may be used as additional significators. Many of the cards have been updated with new, modern correspondences. These cards are unnumbered and unlabeled, allowing you to tune into the symbolism easily.

Bouquet = Gift

Scythe = Scissors

Whip = Fist

Birds = Phone

Child = Pacifier

Fox = Mask

Bear = Bull

Stork = Butterfly

Tower = Crown

Garden = Wine

Letter = Papers

Lily = Bed

Fish = Money

The Cinderella Deck

The Cinderella Deck features old book art illustrations from the book, The Wonderful Story of Cinderella: Rhymed and Retold published in 1921, found on deck contains 29 poker sized cards with a white border that tell the story of Cinderella from beginning to end. Each card is numbered at the top.

It’s a wonderful deck for relationship readings, particularly for those who are looking for their Prince Charming as well as those who are trying to manifest a happy ending in their romance. This deck is also great for any type of goal-setting or manifestation readings. It can help you see where you are in the story of manifesting your happy ending in any area of life.

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My Pic Collage Reading

I’ve been having fun with the app, Pic Collage. It suddenly occurred to me while mixing some images together that I can turn this into a divinatory system. Here’s how:

(1) Come up with a question.
(2) Randomly choose a background image.
(3) Randomly choose an image featuring a person (or two for relationship-type questions).
(4) Arrange the people on the background where you think they should go (who remembers Colorforms?)
(5) Interpret your “reading.”

Here’s my example:


Background image courtesy of images courtesy of

All of my personal readings have been suggesting I’m supposed to meet a new guy. I even had a friend do a Cinderella reading for me and she came up with the same thing. She also advised that I need to open my eyes to notice him and to loosen up a bit. So I posed the question, What do I need to know about my potential suitor? and randomly selected a background and the two people images (I do this by closing my eyes, flipping through my photo stream and just pointing to a picture). Then I arranged the people on the background in a way that made sense to me.

Look at this image. What do you notice? There’s a guy who seems to be greeting this woman. Look at her body language. She’s got her arms folded and she appears to be glaring at him. Here’s my interpretation:

(1) I haven’t met or been properly introduced to this potential suitor yet (the guy is tipping his hat in greeting).
(2) He may come across as sensitive (wearing the heart chakra colors of green and pink).
(3) I will have my guard up (woman w/arms folded).
(4) I may look down on him at first or perhaps he is someone younger than I (woman is standing on higher ground than man).

This “reading” brings up the same issues as my friend’s reading and shows I need to be more open and less guarded so I can meet this guy!

ONE CARD READING: Is there love in my future?


This is a one-card reading completed by a blog visitor…

Question: Is there love in my future?

What’s happening? Why is it happening?: This lady is walking down a winding road with a nap sack on her back and her baby in a basket. There is a house in the background with a red roof she seems to be leaving it. Her eyes are fixed on something in front of her and she looks like she is determined to go in that direction. The wind is blowing her dress from behind as if gently pushing her forward. The baby looks to be very happy with the journey.

What’s wrong? What is the major concern?: Nothing seems wrong.

What has already happened? What will happen next?: She has gathered her belongings and she is headed out to a new destination. Next she will arrive at a new place with new beginnings.

Describe this character and their environment.: This lady has on a blue skirt with a white apron, reddish shirt with collar and a white bonnet. She has a green bag on her back that looks full and a basket on her arm with a happy baby. The grass is green, blue skies with white clouds and she is walking on a dirt road.

What does this character want and need?: She looks as though she has what she needs to take to her new destination.

What is the solution? What action is necessary?: She needs to keep moving forward and never look back.

Visitor’s follow-up comment on her reading: It sounds by reading this that I am on the path that I need to be on in order to find love 🙂  eyes more open
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CINDERELLA READING: What is the current situation between he and I?

Here’s another Cinderella reading I performed for a woman whose question was, “What is the current situation between he and I?”

Card 1 – Current situation – In this image, an announcement/proclamation is being made – the Prince is looking for his future bride – the person who fits the slipper. So, it can show a proclamation of love has already happened, like a marriage proposal. However, I find that often the first card reflects the real question, so perhaps you’re asking, Is my prince looking for his future bride? Am I the person who fits the slipper for him? Am I the one he’s looking for? It can also show that perhaps you have proclaimed your love and want him to “announce” or “proclaim” his love for you. You want to formalize the nature of your relationship and get clarity on your status.

Card 2 – Your perspective – Cinderella is at the ball and she realizes that time is running out – all of her magic will be gone and she’ll have to go home. This card shows you may have a fear that your time is running out (getting married, biological clock, etc.).Or perhaps your are wondering “when” will things progress, etc. in this relationship.

Card 3 – Pivotal Issue – This card shows what is needed to move forward OR what is preventing progress. In this case, Cinderella has left the ball and the magical spell has worn off. Has the magic of your relationship worn off? Perhaps what’s needed is to look at this relationship with clarity and see it for what it really is. These are just a bunch of mice and a pumpkin. So, you may have to make your own magic in this situation. Or maybe that’s what’s preventing progress – not seeing the magic in the relationship.

Card 4 – His perspective – In this image, Cinderella is having the fairy godmother change the pumpkin into a magical coach. This card seems to come up when people are asking, “Will my partner change?” or “Can this relationship be transformed?” In this case, he is represented by Cinderella so he’s asking this question. It’s important to note that the pumpkin also appeared in the previous card showing the pivotal issue. So perhaps he’s asking, “Can we get the magic back?” Since the pumpkin shows up in both the pivotal position and his perspective, my guess is that his perspective is controlling the direction of this relationship. Also, your card shows Cinderella at the ball while his card shows Cinderella still at home in rags. This suggests you two are on different pages of this relationship.

Card 5 – Where this relationship is headed (3 months) – In this image the fairy godmother transforms Cinderella from rags to silks so she can go to the ball. This is a positive card because it’s moving him forward through the story (remember his Cinderella is in rags) and it shows the fairy godmother. Whenever the fairy godmother appears, I see it as a potential transformation. When I chose this card, I intended for it to reflect both the relationship and you specifically. So, this could mean magically transforming the relationship or you finding your own personal power in this relationship.

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DIY READING: Is He a Lover, Leaver, Loser or Long-Term Partner?

Get out your playing cards! Here’s a reading to determine the romantic style of a current or potential romantic partner.

Cards: All minus Joker

Process: Focus on your romantic partner or potential partner while shuffling the cards. Select one to reflect your partner’s romantic style. Your interpretation is based on the card suit only.


Clubs ♣
Your partner is the romantic Don Juan type, enacting the “love ‘em and leave ‘em” scenario. He jumps quickly into new relationships but may have trouble making commitments and settling down even when his feelings are very strong.

Hearts ♥
A hopeless romantic, your partner loves the idea of love and being in love. He will shower you with tokens of his love and affection. He can also be clingy and will do whatever it takes to keep the relationship going, even long after it should be over. An eternal optimist, he sees only the bright side of even the most destructive relationship.

Diamonds ♦
Your partner is Mr. Practical. He prefers to take things slowly in a new relationship and wants to get his financial house in order before making any long-term commitments. However, he is very protective of those he loves and, once in a relationship, he is usually there for the long haul.

Spades ♠
There are three reasons why your partner has a great deal of trouble making relationships work: (1) he prefers his own company to others, (2) he keeps his emotions close to the vest, and (3) he refuses to be vulnerable. It will take a lot of work to melt this popsicle so proceed with caution.

CINDERELLA READING: What’s on my romantic horizon?

This reading was for Rhett from Intuitive Cartomancy who gave me permission to share it with you. She asked, What’s on the romantic horizon for me?

Card 1 – Once upon a time… – The first card shows the end of the Cinderella story is where your story begins. It suggests there was a significant relationship, marriage or living together situation and that person may still be a potential romantic figure in your life.

Card 2 – What’s happening now – Cinderella is trying on the slipper to see if it fits. It does! This could mean you’re asking, Is this relationship a good fit? I don’t think this is about a new relationship but a continuing of the initial relationship shown in Card 1. However, it shows the relationship going backwards instead of forward…questions that should have been asked beforehand are now being asked.

Card 3 – Pivotal Issue – The middle card is the pivotal issue that shows the truth of the situation. It also shows the way forward OR what is preventing progress. In this case, Cinderella is having the fairy godmother transform her pumpkin into something magical. This is like trying to change your significant other into something they are not. Are you wondering if they will ever change or is it possible for them to have a magical transformation?

Card 4 – What’s next (30 days) – The Prince at Cinderella’s feet. This could reveal a rekindling of the relationship shown in Card 1. It may also represent an apology or someone willing to do whatever it takes to win you over.

Card 5 – Outcome – The final card shows the best you can expect in 3 months time. Again, someone is trying on the slipper. The slipper is symbolic of the relationship. In this case one of the stepsisters tries on the slipper and it doesn’t fit. So, this could show that in 3 months time, things just don’t work out because the relationship is not a good fit for both of you.

Follow-Up Comments:

Rhett: Oh my gosh, this is the most adorable, creative spread!!  I am not currently seeing anyone BUT I am still not entirely over my ex who dumped back in January….it’s like I’m ALMOST there, but a small part of me is still holding back hoping that 1 day he’ll just “up & call me” or something…but my rational side knows the relationship was volatile, dysfunctional & stormy, & he’s not going to change for me, so I just need to let go.  Could this possibly refer to someone I had a VERY short fling with (although I have known the guy in general for many years…he’s a family friend)?  This is fantastic!  Thank you!

12ofHearts: Thanks for the feedback Rhett. My impression is this reading relates to your ex. The pumpkin card is where you’re asking is he going to change? The 4th card shows he may just “up and call you.” However, the Prince on his knees could be another man. That’s one of the kinks w/this deck. Cinderella is always the questioner but I’m not sure when there is more than one suitor how the Prince will show up. There are only four cards the Prince appears in so it’s difficult to track if he’s showing up to represent different men. The bottom line is the final card showing the stepsister about to try on the slipper. It’s not going to fit. So, whether this is your ex or the family friend, you may realize that you’re not a good match for each other. Let me know how things turn out!

3 of Diamonds in Romance Readings

“I’ve seen the 3 Diamonds show up VERY frequently to represent a man’s perspective in relationships. I use this 3 to symbolize a small increase or something happening little by little, so it suggests that the guy is not one to rush into romance. He likes to take his time even if he’s interested. There will be a logical, step-by-step progression rather than a falling head over heels in love thing. This type takes things slowly in a new relationship. However, they are very protective of those they love and, once in a relationship, they are usually there for the long haul.”

My response to: 3 Diamonds in matters of romance – is it ever positive? on The Art of Cartomancy Forum