DIY READING: Your Ideal Career

careerGet out your playing cards! This is a self-discovery reading to find out which careers suit you.

Cards: All

Process: Shuffle the cards focusing on the question, “What career best suits me? Select one card and use the card suit only for your interpretation.


You often have trouble staying in one job for long and find the greatest satisfaction in a position that allows freedom of movement. You have an inventive mind and your focus is on creating new possibilities and seizing the moment. Careers in travel and communication are most enjoyable for you. Your perfect career may be in sales, marketing, and public relations or you might gravitate to the performing arts professions. Teaching, writing and composing are also possible career choices.

Your perfect career may be in the helping professions such since you are focused on creating harmony and goodwill with others. So don’t be surprised if you find your calling as a nurse, doctor, teacher, therapist, social worker or minister. Other career options include customer service positions and working in the service or beauty industries.

You like to be at the financial forefront of any operation. You may excel at being a banker, accountant, financial planner, or CFO. You are focused on establishing and maintaining security so any job that allows you to do this is ideal. You may also be drawn to fields where you can literally build such as construction and carpentry or areas where you can be in touch with the earth such as the agricultural industry.

Your perfect career is in an industry where things are in black and white, such as the legal and law enforcement professions. You enjoy managing others and making judgements and decisions. You might also gravitate to professions where you must deal with the seedy side of life in order to preserve order and balance, for example, working as a drug abuse counselor or a probation officer.


2 thoughts on “DIY READING: Your Ideal Career

  1. Hi, I got the joker for this. I don’t know what type of career the joker would represent. Would you please elaborate?

    I’m taking your class on udemy, and if I would have to interpret, I think would be a job that combined all 4 elements.

    • That’s a great response Tina. The Joker would definitely represent a job that was out of the ordinary in some way. It has appeared in readings to represent a comedian too. So happy to hear you’re taking my class on Udemy. I hope it’s helpful to you.

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