JOURNAL: What thoughts & feelings am I most aware of as another year comes to a close?

I am using this journaling prompt found on twitter via @Write4LifeCoach. I chose Hollyhock from my Flower Children Cards deck.


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She reminds me of a Southern belle, and represents grace and femininity. The pink and green connect to the heart chakra, and the emphasis on the pink in her garment is for compassion. I also looked up the flower essence of hollyhock:

Tenderness; stimulates hope where one may feel held back, repressed. Opens and releases barriers of the heart chakra, breaks through blocks in growth process; with the change of heart one can begin to change all other aspects of one’s life. Offers inspiration to continue, especially when one considers the journey too difficult; useful with other remedies for encouragement on the Path.

JOURNAL: What tastes sweet in my life?

German Alphabet Book Primer _9_play

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I chose a card from another deck — my Second Sight Cards — to reflect what tastes sweet. On the one hand, this is showing the opposite of the bitterness card – play as opposed to work! This kid is playing with wild abandon – not even paying attention to what’s going on around him. For life to be sweeter, I must play more. I get this theme a LOT in my readings. On a deeper level, I think this shows the sweetness of life lies in my ability to make a game out of life’s most ordinary things. I get a lot of pleasure from making the ordinary extraordinary and it’s the hallmark of my teaching which brings us back to work. So, it’s a vicious cycle – I love my work so it’s like play but too much time spent behind a spinning wheel (i.e., computer) will make me bitter. I just noticed that the wheel shows up in this image too (oh, synchronicity!) but it’s been set aside and put in the background. Good advice – put the wheel (work/computer) to the back burner once in a while!

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JOURNAL: What tastes bitter in my life?

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At first, I didn’t notice this but when I looked closer, I could see this woman’s mouth is closed tight like she really wants to say something but doesn’t feel she can. She’s becoming resentful (bitter) that there’s always more wool to spin. Likewise, I’m getting resentful about all the work I’ve heaped upon myself.

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JOURNAL: How can I soothe this anger?

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This card is the one chosen as a follow-up to my journal entry: Where is all this anger coming from? It’s surprising that it looks a lot like the first card with all the green and yellow. The notable difference is the blue which relates to the throat chakra. So I can soothe this anger and frustration by talking it out and expressing myself.

READ: Where is all this anger coming from?

JOURNAL: Where is all this anger coming from?

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Out of the blue today I just started feeling angry and frustrated, my thoughts targeting an ex-boyfriend and other misgivings. I chose this card from my Soul Songs deck. It shows mostly green relating to the heart chakra with some splotches of yellow for the solar plexus chakra. So this frustration is stemming from some relationship and power issues. Must meditate on this. Actually, I’m going to choose another Soul Songs card for what is needed.