Comparative Tarot: 5 of Pentacles

This is another comparative tarot exercise using the 5 of Pentacles. I’m not using any book meanings, but just looking at the card and writing what I see. Then I’ll summarize the keyword themes.


5 of Pentacles from The Prairie Tarot – Image courtesy of The Fool’s Dog

Looks like 2 people are leaving a shelter in the snow that is about to be completely filled with snow. They have decided to go in different directions to see if they can find a new shelter. This card is about desperation and dealing with harsh elements.


5 of Pentacles from The Fellowship of the Fool Tarot – Image courtesy of The Fool’s Dog

It looks like a woman (fairy?) has had a falling out with a gargoyle. They are both turned away from each other. The woman has her arms folded – she’s stubbornly resisting a conversation. It looks like they are on stairs….the woman is going up and the gargoyle is going down. This card is about closing yourself off to others and being unwilling to cooperate. It also shows being unable to meet in the middle…one person wants to go one way and the other is going the other way. Not compromising.


5 of Pentacles from Over the Moon Tarot – Image courtesy of

Beggars roam the street for food and shelter. A man and his son are homeless and the man is trying to protect his son the best he can. They have run into 2 other men who are a bit unsavory but they all need each other to survive. Even the stray dogs have latched on to this group and are part of their pack now. Together they will have a better chance of survival.

Keywords for 5 of Pentacles: going in different directions, desperation, survival, homelessness, lack of compromise, cooperation issues in teams and groups.