Use Playing Cards to Choose the Perfect Gift

giftI just discovered a fabulous article by Christiana Gaudet, How I Use Tarot to Find The Perfect Gift. Here’s a way to select the perfect gift using playing cards. Get out your playing cards!

What Type Of Gift?

Just as Christiana reveals how to use the tarot card suits for gift types, we can also use the playing card suits the same way. Shuffle all the cards and select one. Use the card suit for insight.

Clubs — anything related to play and being active, sports, exercise, action toys and games
Hearts — romantic or pampering gifts, jewelry, spa, beauty
Diamonds — practical gifts, money or gift cards, clothing, items for the home
Spades — the thinking person’s gifts, brain games, books, electronics

Which Store?

So you decide to get a gift card, the safe choice, but where do you purchase it? Shuffle and select a card from just the face cards. Each store is meant as an idea or jumping off place.

Jack of Clubs — Chuck E Cheese’s
Queen of Clubs — Zappo’s
King of Clubs — Dick’s Sporting Goods

Jack of Hearts —
Queen of Hearts — Victoria’s Secret
King of Hearts — Kay Jewelers

Jack of Diamonds — no gift card, just money
Queen of Diamonds — Crate & Barrel
King of Diamonds — Office Depot

Jack of Spades — Hot Topic
Queen of Spades —
King of Spades — Best Buy

Yes or No?

Sometimes you think you have the perfect gift but you’re not quite sure. Simply shuffle all the cards and select one. If it’s a black card, you need to keep shopping. Red means it’s a winner!


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